Hide Partition of your computer without using any software

Here, today i am going to teach you that how can we hide our partition without using any software. For this simple tweak, You need to access Group Policy Editor of your computer i.e. GPEdit.msc. Now lets move towards the hack.

First of all you goto Start → Run → Type gpedit.msc

After doing this, You will reach to your computer's group policy editor.
* Now click on Administrative Templates under User Configuration.

* Now click on Windows Explorer under Windows Component

After you reach here, You will see something like in the below image in your right side:

Now double-click on Hide these specified drives in my computer. after that, a window box will appear and that looks like this :

Click on "Enabled". After that you have to choose one of the given combination of the hard drive partition to hide. I wanted to hide 'D' drive so, i selected the drives in such way :

After this step, Click on "OK" then check weather your hard drive partition is hidden or not. I observed the following change on 'My Computer'
Before :


Thats it! Now you have successfully hidden partition of your computer.

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