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We can do several tricks with notepad. You can find my notepad collection here. This time I want to show you a simple notepad trick you might know which is popularly known as '4-3-3-5 Notepad Trick'. Before teaching you this trick, I want to make you inform that notepad is such application which is inbuilt in Microsoft Windows Operating System. Notepad is unicode supported text editor. It consumes very less memory and works better.

In Notepad, there is a small bug and that is; Notepad doesn't understand the combination of words of 4-3-3-5 letters.
For example;
1111 222 333 44444

Here, in the first word; there are 4 letters, in second and third there are 3 letters and in the last word, there are 5 letters. And, notepad doesn't understand the combination of these type of sentence. To experimentally verify it, perform the below written instructions;
1. Open Notepad
2. Write any sentence in 4-3-3-5 combination
    * this app can break
3. Save the document
4. Close Notepad
5. Again Notepad, and see what happens!!
This is the simple trick of notepad using notepad unicode bug. Do you like this trick? Do you have any more tricks? If yes, Then please let us know by commenting on this post.


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