Make Money with using Simple Hack

Hi all, as you know we haven't ever published any type of such hacks which are not working. Every tips, tricks and hacks published in LockHack are 100% successful. Today, I've got a simple hack which will help you to make money with very easily. By the help of this trick, you don't need to surf any ads, you just login to and all the work will be done automatically. Follow the below given steps for this hack.

  1. Login or Signup to with the link here
  2. Install GreaseMonkey Firefox plugin in your firefox browser
  3. Install Bux : Browse ads script for Grease Monkey
  4. Now login to and click on Surf ads, Your work will be automatically done...
Thats it, If you have any reaction to the post, please comment below. your comment may be inspiration to the other peoples.


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