Using Magic PS v1.5 to Hack Yahoo Password

Today as the first tutorial, i am going to teach you how to hack the Yahoo password using Magic Password Stealer v.15.

Brief information about MPS:
Success Rate : 100%
Creator URL :
Creator's Email :
Date Created : 2003 - 07 - 31
Last Updated on : 2007 - 12 - 31

First of all, The main thing required for this hack is MPS v.15. You can download it from here. If the link is broken or there is any problem with the link, Please let me know, i will update the link.

After the download is complete, Open MPS v1.5
Then you can see the window like this :

Here, In the portion '5', You have to tick on those tick boxes according to your need. Every text box is defined below :
  1. Send Y! Mess Pass → Sends the yahoo password of the victim
  2. Send NetWork IP → Sends the Network IP of the victim's computer
  3. Send Computer Name → It sends the Computer name of victim
  4. Disable Taskmanager → It disable the Task Manager (Alt + Ctrl + Del to see task manager)
  5. Disable Sys Restore → It disable the facility of system restore of victim
  6. Disable CompMgmt → It disable the computer management of the victim's computer
  7. Disable Y! save pass → It removes the saved yahoo password of the victim's computer
  8. Delete Mess Archive → It deletes the full message archive of victim's yahoo ID
  9. Send OS name → It sends the name of operating system that victim has been using
  10. Auto startup → It starts the program automatically
  11. Send win username → It sends the username of the window
  12. Disable regedit → It disables the computer registry editor
  13. Disable MsConfig → It disables MS Config
  14. Disable GPEdit → It disables Group Policy Editor
  15. Encode Pass → It encodes the password of the victim
  16. Melt after Install → It automatically delete itself after installation
Now tick on the text boxes according to your requirement

In step 4) Tick on Fake Error Message if you want to generate the fake error message to victim.
In step 3) Give your Yahoo ID where you want to get the victim's password. It will be good if yahoo ID contains "_"
In step 2) Choose the icon of your password stealer software
In step 1) Name your software

After completing these steps click on Create MPS. This will make a software that can hack yahoo password.

How it works?

MPS v1.5 creates a software that hacks the yahoo password. After you create the software, you have to send it to the victim's computer at any condition. After victim opens the file, MPS starts its work. Then when the victim re-login in his yahoo, The password and other information is sent to your email as offline message.

NOTE: MPS is torjon virus. That may effect your and victim's computer. LockHack is not responsible for any damaged occurred!!


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